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  • Alcan highway

    . noun original name of the Alaska Highway

  • Alcandre

    the wife of Polybus who received Helen and Menelaus on their way home from Troy. Historical Examples There is a question there of a “lodge today deserted” where Alcandre once came to enjoy solitude. The Spell of the Heart of France Andr Hallays (She points to the door opposite): Alcandre and Lysimon are to discourse! […]

  • Alcaptonuria

    alcaptonuria alcaptonuria al·cap·to·nu·ri·a (āl-kāp’tə-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-) n. Variant of alkaptonuria.

  • Alcapton

    alcapton alcapton al·cap·ton (āl-kāp’tŏn’, -tən) n. Variant of alkapton.

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