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the palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain: later used by Spanish kings.
(lowercase) a castle or fortress of the Spanish Moors.
Historical Examples

She passed the lovely alcazar (l-kthr) Gardens, from which came the perfume of flowers and blossoms.
The Little Spanish Dancer Madeline Brandeis

The old alcazar of the Moors was a noble building of great extent.
Old Continental Towns Walter M. Gallichan

Within a voice as loudly demanded: Who calls without the gates of the royal alcazar?
Toledo. The Story of an Old Spanish Capital Hannah Lynch

To outward seeming the alcazar is as Moorish a monument as the Alhambra.
Southern Spain A.F. Calvert

Down at the alcazar he found the three riders who had deserted Matlock overnight.
The Song of the Wolf Frank Mayer

It might have been a grandee’s house in Seville, patterned on the alcazar.
The Lighted Match Charles Neville Buck

I have already mentioned the great alcazar, and the old town walls and gateways.
Some Account of Gothic Architecture in Spain George Edmund Street

At the end of the third day he had walked so quickly that he stood before the secret entrance to the alcazar of Al Rachid.
Tales from the Lands of Nuts and Grapes Charles Sellers and Others

What I think is conspicuously lacking in the alcazar, and to almost the same extent in the Alhambra, is atmosphere.
Southern Spain A.F. Calvert

From 1857 to 1866 she lived in the alcazar in Seville, as governess to the royal children of Spain.
Library of the World’s Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7 Various

any of various palaces or fortresses built in Spain by the Moors


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