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the mother of Hercules by Zeus, who had assumed the form of Amphitryon, her husband.
Historical Examples

Athene, moved with compassion, carried him to Alcmene, and entreated her kind offices on behalf of the poor little foundling.
Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome E.M. Berens

This is the chamber into which I am ushered as the messenger: this lantern is Alcmene, to whom I have to speak.
Amphitryon Moliere

There is more reason in this discourse, Alcmene, than you think.
Amphitryon Moliere

Has not my master, Amphitryon, commanded me to come here to Alcmene his wife?
Amphitryon Moliere

Alcmene, in the name of all the Gods, this discourse will have a strange ending!
Amphitryon Moliere

What has my heart done to you, Alcmene, that I should be looked upon as such a monster?
Amphitryon Moliere

No, Alcmene, time is measured in such cases by one’s impatience; you count the moments of absence as one who does not love.
Amphitryon Moliere

To tell you frankly, it is the husband Alcmene, who has done this wrong; it is the husband whom you must blame.
Amphitryon Moliere

Heracles (whose world-renowned exploits will be related among the legends) was the son of Alcmene and Zeus.
Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome E.M. Berens

Hercules, the hero of strength and courage, was the son of Jupiter and Alcmene.
Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12) Various

(Greek myth) the mother of Hercules by Zeus who visited her in the guise of her husband, Amphitryon


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