a recess or small room adjacent to or opening out of a room:
a dining alcove.
a recess in a room for a bed, bookcases, or the like.
any recessed space, as a bower in a garden.
Historical Examples

He sat in an alcove, by a large, polished window of the club.
The Second Fiddle Phyllis Bottome

Dick, spurred by impulse, left his alcove and entered the room.
The Rock of Chickamauga Joseph A. Altsheler

It was all empty; there was only the great crucifix in the alcove.
The Gadfly E. L. Voynich

The doorway into the alcove bedroom was concealed by a portière.
An American Suffragette Isaac N. Stevens

The piano occupied one corner of an alcove off the large backroom.
Wide Courses James Brendan Connolly

We’ll have the bottle in the alcove at the head of the stairs.
The Lure of the Mask Harold MacGrath

Ben Aboo had tried to follow them, but he had been killed in the alcove of the patio.
The Scapegoat Hall Caine

There was no door to my room; it was, strictly speaking, an alcove.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

Unable to believe that his delightful experiences were but the memories of sleep he turned to the alcove.
Romances of Old Japan Yei Theodora Ozaki

While he mused his eyes were fixed on the alcove at the end of the room.
Ambrotox and Limping Dick Oliver Fleming

a recess or niche in the wall of a room, as for a bed, books, etc
any recessed usually vaulted area, as in a garden wall
any covered or secluded spot, such as a summerhouse

1670s, “vaulted recess,” from French alcôve (17c.), from Spanish alcoba, from Arabic al-qobbah “the vaulted chamber,” from Semitic base q-b-b “to be bent, crooked, vaulted.”

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