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Richard, 1892–1962, English poet, novelist, and composer.
Historical Examples

I resumed my readings with Abigail and Aldington, although Dorothy was not greatly interested.
Children of the Market Place Edgar Lee Masters

The people moved down the road towards Aldington, and reached the point at which the woods began.
Uncle Joe’s Stories Edward Hugessen Knatchbull-Hugesson, First Baron Brabourne

People talk about that rummy motor at Bonnington and Aldington to this day.
The Magic World Edith Nesbit

Feb., and it seems, in March 1511, Warham gave him a pension out of the rectory of Aldington.
The Oxford Reformers Frederic Seebohm

This was not Warham’s money, but only a trust in his hands for the benefit of the souls of Aldington.
Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam Ephraim Emerton

Badsey, and Wickhamford, with the hamlet of Aldington, are all in their different ways worth a visit.
Evesham Edmund H. New

Aldington was keeping abreast with all the new books in America and England as well.
Children of the Market Place Edgar Lee Masters

We had Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Abigail and Aldington as a nucleus for new friendships.
Children of the Market Place Edgar Lee Masters

I looked up and saw Aldington, back of him Abigail, who was laughing at my expression of surprise.
Children of the Market Place Edgar Lee Masters

Mr. Williams, Abigail, Aldington passed away and were buried in a cemetery about a mile north of the river.
Children of the Market Place Edgar Lee Masters

Richard. 1892–1962, English poet, novelist, and biographer. His novels include Death of a Hero (1929) and The Colonel’s Daughter (1931), which reflect postwar disillusion following World War I


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