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a brown, water-insoluble, toxic solid consisting of more than 95 percent of the chlorinated hydrocarbon C 12 H 8 Cl 6 : used as an insecticide.
Edwin Eugene, Jr (“Buzz”) born 1930, U.S. astronaut.
Contemporary Examples

On the other was an equally weighty sensation, what aldrin calls “magnificent desolation.”
The Daily Beast Recommends The Daily Beast June 22, 2009

aldrin recounts his best years, those as an international hero, and worst years, when he was plagued by alcoholism and depression.
The Daily Beast Recommends The Daily Beast June 22, 2009

Each page of the document is inscribed and signed by aldrin, pushing its value to an estimated $175,000.
Man on the Moon The Daily Beast July 18, 2009

His skill as a research and test pilot certainly impressed Buzz aldrin.
Buzz Aldrin: Neil Armstrong Was ‘The Best Pilot I Ever Knew’ Taylor Dinerman August 26, 2012

Armstrong flew the LEM while aldrin manned the primitive flight computer.
Buzz Aldrin: Neil Armstrong Was ‘The Best Pilot I Ever Knew’ Taylor Dinerman August 26, 2012

a brown to white poisonous crystalline solid, more than 95 per cent of which consists of the compound C12H8Cl6, which is used as an insecticide. Melting pt: 105°C
Edwin Eugene Jr., known as Buzz. born 1930, US astronaut; the second man to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, during the Apollo 11 flight
A highly poisonous white powder used as a crop pesticide and to kill termites. Because of its toxicity to animals and humans, its production has been discontinued. Aldrin is a chlorinated derivative of naphthalene closely related to dieldrin. Chemical formula: C12H8Cl6.


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