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A programming language from Bell Labs. ALEF boasts few new ideas but is instead a careful synthesis of ideas from other languages. The result is a practical general purpose programming language which was once displacing C as their main implementation language. Both shared variables and message passing are supported through language constructs.
A window system, user interface, operating system network code, news reader, mailer and variety of other tools in Plan 9 are now implemented using ALEF.
Historical Examples

alef shouted to the combatants to desist; but ere the party could reach them, Hereward’s opportunity had come.
Hereward, The Last of the English Charles Kingsley

Fat was the feasting, and loud was the harping, in the halls of alef, King of Gweek.
Cornish Saints and Sinners J. Henry Harris

His counsel is wise and when he wears the royal crown, alef, and declares his will, he is the protector of his people.
Critical & Historical Essays Edward MacDowell


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