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a female given name, form of .
Historical Examples

And the magnificent realism of it fascinated the Lady Alene.
Quick Action Robert W. Chambers

The term is derived from the French Alene; elson for cordwayners, alesne.
Discovery of Witches Thomas Potts

But the Lady Alene Innesly was not understood, although her indifference was noted and her exclusiveness amusedly resented.
Quick Action Robert W. Chambers

Within a year after this was done a beautiful little girl, whom they called Alene, was born to them.
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

In the Coeur d’ Alene fires alone, a single one of our Associations put 850 men in the field.
Proceedings of the Second National Conservation Congress Various

Fearing that Alene might awaken and see him, he quickly turned out the light and stepped from the room.
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

There upon the bed lay Alene instead of Foresta, as he could plainly see by the dimly burning light.
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

“My love for Alene invests all that is near to her with my abiding sympathy,” said Ramon with quiet fervor.
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

Arthur ascended the stairs and, coming to Alene’s door found it slightly ajar.
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

The Lady Alene’s unaccustomed fingers became occupied with the pink wrapper.
Quick Action Robert W. Chambers


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