a female given name, form of .
Contemporary Examples

Sitting with Alexa in a golf cart during the film, her dad jokes: “What do you say when I ask for a day off?”
Meet the Pint-Sized Pro Golfers of Netflix’s ‘The Short Game’ Abby Haglage December 11, 2013

In New York, she is signed to super-cool agency NEXT Models, alongside models like Anja Rubik and talents like Alexa Chung.
Model Kendra Spears Engaged to a Shi’a Prince Misty White Sidell April 29, 2013

Branché’s debut issue features Alexa Chung on the cover, and will focus on style, food, culture, and nightlife of NYC.
#Belfie Queen Goes High-Fashion; LVMH Announces Young Designer Finalists The Fashion Beast Team March 12, 2014

Elements at NBC News…encouraged the loons to protest the Alexa Foundation, causing Alexa and her family major grief.
Bill O’Reilly Is Stalking Me Amanda Terkel March 29, 2009

“He was so soft and gentle and it was just so easy to trust him,” said Alexa Cruz, his girlfriend of three and a half years.
Porn Star Sledge Hammer’s Hidden Demons Maria Elena Fernandez April 22, 2012

Historical Examples

Andrew, without even her suspicion of the fact, wrought in the latter way upon Alexa.
The Elect Lady George MacDonald

Finally, there is your tall cousin Alexa, ‘Red’ Oxenford’s daughter.
The Doomsman Van Tassel Sutphen

Then Alexa was handsome—he thought her very handsome, and, true to Mammon, he would gladly be true also to something better.
The Elect Lady George MacDonald

I don’t know what I should have done if Alexa hadn’t been home to give me a cup of tea.
The Touchstone Edith Wharton

Instead of drawing herself up with the bitter pride of a woman whose best is scorned, Alexa behaved divinely.
The Elect Lady George MacDonald

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