of , especially , Egypt.
of or relating to the schools of philosophy, literature, and science in ancient .
a native or inhabitant of , especially , Egypt.
Contemporary Examples

Goddio told me that last week the visibility in the Alexandrian harbor was about 27 inches.
Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010

Historical Examples

With the Alexandrian mathematicians and physicists must be classed Archimedes, though he eventually resided in Sicily.
History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science John William Draper

It was evident that he shared our host’s liking for the fresh Alexandrian cigarettes.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle

He was assisted in his reform of the calendar by Sosigines, an Alexandrian astronomer.
Beacon Lights of History, Volume III John Lord

The Alexandrian school of medicine had done some fine work in its time.
Old-Time Makers of Medicine James J. Walsh

No one has ever questioned the value of the public library from the burning of the Alexandrian Library to the present day.
Papers and Proceedings of the Twenty-Third General Meeting of the American Library Association Various

She was the bright star, the soft moon of the Alexandrian sky.
Thais Anatole France

An age of civil disturbance and political intrigue succeeded the Alexandrian period.
Christianity and Greek Philosophy Benjamin Franklin Cocker

The Alexandrian school, however, was by far the most important.
History of Education Levi Seeley

But one thing more my friend, you too have an Alexandrian tongue.
The Emperor, Complete Georg Ebers

of or relating to Alexander the Great
of or relating to Alexandria in Egypt
relating to the Hellenistic philosophical, literary, and scientific ideas that flourished in Alexandria in the last three centuries bc
(of writers, literary works, etc) erudite and imitative rather than original or creative
a native or inhabitant of Alexandria

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