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a male or female given name: from a Greek word meaning “helper.”.
Contemporary Examples

The Veterans Administration had been treating Alexis for mental problems since August.
Up to Speed: What We Know About Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Nina Strochlic September 15, 2013

“He had money trouble,” said Sam Gambir, 47, who would pay Alexis to run errands for him from time to time.
Friends Say Aaron Alexis Was Into Buddhism for the Thai Women Pete Freedman September 17, 2013

It is here that Alexis reportedly purchased the shotgun he used Monday.
A Visit to Sharpshooters, Where Aaron Alexis Bought His Shotgun Miranda Green September 17, 2013

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is all over the place, working across technology, politics, and business.
The ‘Mayor of the Internet’ Fights the Good Fight Gideon Resnick August 25, 2014

His friends also appeared incredulous that Alexis could be involved in the violence.
Up to Speed: What We Know About Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Nina Strochlic September 15, 2013

Historical Examples

Monte-Cristo and his children found refuge in the hut of Alexis, to which Haydée’s body was reverently borne.
Edmond Dants Edmund Flagg

He was the son of Alexis, and, consequently, grandson of PeterI.
A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon John Lord, A.M.

I have read in the newspapers that King Alexis dispenses with a bodyguard?
A Son of the Immortals Louis Tracy

Alexis took the paper, and both, bowing to their father, retired to their own apartment.
Bruin Mayne Reid

He signed his name Alexis Alexandrovitch, and she signed her name Anita.
The Story of My Life, volumes 4-6 Augustus J. C. Hare

masc. proper name, from Greek alexis, from alexein “to ward off, keep, protect” (see Alexander). The Latin form was Alexius.
Alex Input Specification.
The input language for the scanner generator Alex.
array of low energy x-ray imaging sensors


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  • Alexius i

    (Alexius Comnenus) 1048–1118, emperor of the Byzantine Empire 1081–1118.

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