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Count Vittorio
[veet-taw-ryaw] /vitˈtɔ ryɔ/ (Show IPA), 1749–1803, Italian dramatist and poet.
Historical Examples

It includes a careful perusal of Alfieri’s writings and an examination into the evidences of the Christian religion.
Margaret Fuller (Marchesa Ossoli) Julia Ward Howe

It is only in expressing the character of Philip that Alfieri has a clear superiority.
The Life of Friedrich Schiller Thomas Carlyle

It could not be that it was——’ and here she bent over and whispered a word in Alfieri’s ear.
Gerald Fitzgerald Charles James Lever

I ought to add, that there is a “tramelogedia” of Alfieri, called “Abele.”
The Works of Lord Byron Lord Byron

The chains of love which Goldoni courted so willingly, Alfieri regarded with the greatest shyness.
Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece John Addington Symonds

What is it Alfieri says about the two demons to whom he is for ever a prey?
Falkland, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Then Aminta would take a volume of Alfieri, her favorite author, and wander alone amid the fields.
The International Monthly, Vol. II, No. I Various

Alfieri was first drawn with passion to literature by reading Plutarch.
Character Samuel Smiles

Alfieri, on the other hand, was given over to volcanic ebullitions of the most ungovernable hate and affection, joy and sorrow.
Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece John Addington Symonds

We have spoken of the peculiarities in Alfieri’s physical condition.
Life Without and Life Within Margaret Fuller

Count Vittorio (vitˈtɔːrjo). 1749–1803, Italian dramatist and poet, noted for his classical tragedies and political satires


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