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out-of-doors; in the open air:
to dine alfresco.
an alfresco café.
Contemporary Examples

Recently, during a particularly cold night, one elderly inmate died in his alfresco bunk.
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Send Armed Posses to Protect Schools Terry Greene Sterling January 8, 2013

Pearce credits himself for conceiving of Tent City, an alfresco jail complex that is one of several Maricopa County jails.
The Immigrant Prison Nightmare Terry Greene Sterling April 29, 2010

Historical Examples

Everything had been remembered – even the salt, and the knives and forks, which are usually forgotten at alfresco entertainments.
The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, Vols. I to III Cuthbert Bede

In the next scene the Princess Ida and the students are seen at an alfresco luncheon.
The Secrets of a Savoyard Henry A. Lytton

While it was being repaired, we consumed an alfresco breakfast by the side of the road; very enjoyable.
A Camera Actress in the Wilds of Togoland Meg Gehrts

An alfresco meal, a strange kitchen like this, made me very anxious, I must confess.
General Bramble Andr Maurois

The latter sat on his tail all through the alfresco meal, directly behind Purt.
The Girls of Central High in Camp Gertrude W. Morrison

adjective, adverb
in the open air


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