of or relating to or its inhabitants.
a native or inhabitant of .
Contemporary Examples

The 36-year-old father-of-two saw four jeeps full of hostages blown up by Algerian troops.
Inside the Algerian Hostage Standoff Jamie Dettmer January 18, 2013

The CIA and the Algerian embassy in Washington Tuesday declined to comment for this article.
One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections Eli Lake, Jamie Dettmer January 22, 2013

The second time, with less than 10 minutes remaining in the game, he was elbowed in the face by an Algerian defender.
U.S. Wins! Joshua Robinson June 22, 2010

Just before storming the complex the militants ambushed nearby a bus carrying employees and killed a Briton and an Algerian.
Inside the Algerian Hostage Standoff Jamie Dettmer January 18, 2013

Mohamed Merah is a 23 year-old French national of Algerian origin who claims links to al Qaeda.
French Shooting Suspect Mohamed Merah Under Siege in Raid Tracy McNicoll March 21, 2012

Historical Examples

Of all the large Algerian cities, Constantina is that which has best preserved its primitive signet.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 11, No. 24, March, 1873 Various

It is reminiscent, with many differences, of an Algerian oasis.
The Book of the National Parks Robert Sterling Yard

As, when she had looked at the island in the Algerian Garden, she had felt “I shall be here some day with him!”
The Way of Ambition Robert Hichens

If possible the surgeon-major in the Algerian corps was a bigger fool still!
In the Foreign Legion Erwin Rosen

How different was my fevered love from theirs; my rash, unreflecting impulse in that Algerian paradise.
Glories of Spain Charles W. Wood

of or relating to Algeria or its inhabitants
a native or inhabitant of Algeria

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