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a male given name, form of .
Historical Examples

Algie Thynne was criblé with debts, and probably keen on marrying for money.
The Limit Ada Leverson

Algie often used to shoot there, and now they say he just has his brother down to shoot with him.
The Island Pharisees John Galsworthy

Hush, you must be grave because dear Algie is going to address us.
Dodo’s Daughter E. F. Benson

Nobody else in the world is as rich as the Bockheimers; and Algie’s their only child.
The Glimpses of the Moon Edith Wharton

Or was it Bishop Algie you were talking to last night about cathedrals?
Dodo’s Daughter E. F. Benson

There’s Dowler, who puts away thousands a year in Consols, and Algie, who tells everybody all about it.
Where There is Nothing William Butler Yeats

I came to Canton in 1929 to live with my granddaughter, Mrs. Algie Clark.
Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States Work Projects Administration

It looks as if evil was stronger than good, but Algie shall explain it to me.
Dodo’s Daughter E. F. Benson


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