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Historical Examples

The adjectivals employed in the composition of Algonkin names are very numerous, and hardly admit of classification.
The Composition of Indian Geographical Names J. Hammond Trumbull

In a large number of these villages the Algonkin language was spoken.
The Country of the Neutrals James H. Coyne

From the Algonkin word meaning “real adders” with French suffix.
Man, Past and Present Agustus Henry Keane

Addition of no slight importance have been made to the Algonkin group.
Opuscula Robert Gordon Latham

The Algonkin myth in its most extended form describes the earth maiden as becoming a mother through being looked at by the sun.
Creation Myths of Primitive America Jeremiah Curtin

It has no resemblance to the word for fire in pure Algonkin.
The Myths of the New World Daniel G. Brinton

It lies within the Algonkin area, surrounded by Algonkins, but not itself Algonkin.
The Natural History of the Varieties of Man Robert Gordon Latham

Lond., 58, 1856 (stated to be Algonkin rather than aught else).
Indian Linguistic Families Of America, North Of Mexico John Wesley Powell

At one time the head of the Algonkin confederacy was an Iroquois chieftain.
The Natural History of the Varieties of Man Robert Gordon Latham

Algonkin is a word derived from the “Algommequin” of Champlain.
Pioneers in Canada Sir Harry Johnston


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