Ali baba

the poor woodcutter, hero of a tale in The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments, who uses the magic words “Open sesame” to open the door to the cave in which the Forty Thieves had hidden their treasure.
Historical Examples

During a twelvemonth Ali Baba forbore to go near the forest, but at length his curiosity incited him to make another journey.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

And that will be the political end of Mr. Ali Baba and his dream.
Theft Jack London

He resolved at the same time to avenge the fate of his comrades and to bring about the death of Ali Baba.
The Children’s Hour, v 5. Stories From Seven Old Favorites Eva March Tappan

The same Ali Baba—once again in the den of the forty thieves.
Theft Jack London

One moment, said Ali Baba; will you not tell us what the story is about?
Twilight Land Howard Pyle

Fezziwig’s ball, and the remembrance of the scenes in Ali Baba.
Ontario Teachers’ Manuals: Literature Ontario Ministry of Education

Away ran Ali Baba’s wife, measured her money, and helped her husband to bury it in the yard.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

Now we perched about him listening with rapt eyes to the tale of Ali Baba.
Explorers of the Dawn Mazo de la Roche

They found all the bags Cassim had brought to the door, but did not miss what Ali Baba had taken.
The Children’s Hour, v 5. Stories From Seven Old Favorites Eva March Tappan

Ali Baba made no objection, and the invitation was accordingly given.
Children’s Literature Charles Madison Curry

(in The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments) a poor woodcutter who discovers that the magic words “open sesame” will open the doors of the cave containing the treasure of the Forty Thieves
Ali Baba [(ah-lee bah-buh, al-ee bab-uh)]

The title character in “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” a story from the Arabian Nights. Ali Baba gains the treasure of the thieves, which they keep in a cave with a magical entrance.

Note: Ali Baba opens the door of the thieves’ cave with the magical password “Open, sesame.”

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