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Alice palmer

Alice Elvira, 1855–1902, U.S. educator.
Arnold, born 1929, U.S. golfer.
Daniel David, 1845–1913, Canadian originator of chiropractic medicine.
George Herbert, 1842–1933, U.S. educator, philosopher, and author.
James Alvin (“Jim”) born 1945, U.S. baseball player.
a town in S Massachusetts.
(in Medieval Europe) a pilgrim bearing a palm branch as a sign of his visit to the Holy Land
(in Medieval Europe) an itinerant monk
(in Medieval Europe) any pilgrim
any of various artificial angling flies characterized by hackles around the length of the body
Arnold. born 1929, US professional golfer: winner of seven major championships, including four in the US Masters (1958, 1960, 1962, 1964) and two in the British Open (1961,1962)
Samuel. 1805–81, English painter of visionary landscapes, influenced by William Blake

“pilgrim who has returned from the Holy Land,” late 12c. (as a surname), from Anglo-French palmer (Old French palmier), from Medieval Latin palmarius, from Latin palma “palm tree” (see palm (n.2)). So called because they wore palm branches in commemoration of the journey.


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