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Alignment chart



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  • Alignment curve

    alignment curve alignment curve a·lign·ment curve (ə-līn’mənt) n. The line passing through the center of the teeth lateral to the curve of the dental arch.

  • Aligote

    a white grape of Burgundy. the dry white wine made from this grape.

  • Alike

    in the same manner or form; similarly: They treated all customers alike. to the same degree; equally: All three were guilty alike. having resemblance or similarity; having or showing no marked or important difference: He thinks all politicians are alike. Contemporary Examples Recipe This versatile cabbage is enjoyed by Italians and Koreans alike. Fresh Picks […]

  • Aliment

    that which nourishes; nutriment; food. that which sustains; means of support. to sustain; support. Historical Examples As the fire gained strength and heat, it began to spread on three sides, dying of itself on the fourth, for want of aliment. The Prairie J. Fenimore Cooper All these are placed before the Chapel kindred for inspiration […]

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