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a suffix occurring in scientific names from Latin:
She flies with her own wings (motto of Oregon).
Contemporary Examples

There are many more average Omars, alis and Aishes out there, boys and girls, waiting for us to listen and engage them.
Fire In Cairo: A View From the Arab Street John Kael Weston September 19, 2012

Historical Examples

Nothing occurred to him, so he drew alis closer and gave her a quick, quiet kiss.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson

alis cleared some books off a chair next to her and Don sat down.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson

Then I came to Portissec alis Cunilus two miles further, and found there a brooke, a pere, and some succor for fisher boats.
Chronicles (1 of 6): The Description of Britaine Raphaell Holinshed

You’d better get yourself a chaperone, alis, if you’re going to carry that around with you.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson

Fusco-luteum; alis hyalinis, abdomine thorace triplo longiori ensato.
Illustrations of Exotic Entomology, Volume 1 Dru Drury

alis waited till he had gone in, then tugged at Don’s sleeve.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson

alis dentatis fuscis, anticis maculis albo-cœruleis omnibusque strig punctorum, fasci ints crenat, lunulisque apicalibus albidis.
Illustrations of Exotic Entomology, Volume 2 Dru Drury

The name of the elder was Alexander, and the other’s name was alis.
Four Arthurian Romances Chretien DeTroyes

“Thanks,” Don said to his rescuing Gizl as it set him and alis down gently on the hard ground of the golf course.
And Then the Town Took Off Richard Wilson


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