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Alkali flat

a level area, as a dry lake bed, in which evaporation has concentrated alkali minerals, as sodium sulfates and carbonates.
Historical Examples

Ride down the barranca two hundred yards and you’ll come to an alkali flat.
The Killer Stewart Edward White

The rear of the saloon was partitioned off into a “Ladies’ Room,” whose door opened on the alkali flat behind.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 1, May 1908 Various

Trail dust sure does make a man’s throat dryer’n an alkali flat!
Ride Proud, Rebel! Andre Alice Norton

Each “drive” brought together on some alkali flat thousands of the restless, milling, bawling cattle.
The Killer Stewart Edward White

an arid plain encrusted with alkaline salts derived from the streams draining into it


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    a plant, Zigadenus elegans, of central and western North America, having tough, wiry, bluish-green leaves and greenish flowers.

  • Alkali metaprotein

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  • Alkali-loving

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