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Alkali reserve

alkali reserve

alkali reserve n.
The sum total of the basic ions of the blood and other body fluids that act as buffers and maintain the normal pH of the blood.


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  • Alkali rock

    any igneous rock with a marked preponderance of alkali and a low percentage of silica.

  • Alkali soil

    soil that has either a high degree of alkalinity or a high percentage of sodium, or both, so that most crops cannot be grown in it profitably. noun a soil that gives a pH reaction of 8.5 or above, found esp in dry areas where the soluble salts, esp of sodium, have not been leached […]

  • Alkalic

    (of igneous rock) containing a relatively high percentage of sodium and potassium . Historical Examples The tool N was used in refining their alkalic salts, and served to take off the salt as crystallized in course of its manufacture. Reminiscences of Glass-making Deming Jarves adjective (of igneous rocks) containing large amounts of alkalis, esp sodium […]

  • Alkalify

    to alkalize. to become alkaline. verb -fies, -fying, -fied to make or become alkaline

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