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Alkaline phosphatase

a phosphatase active in an alkaline medium.

alkaline phosphatase n.
A phosphatase with an optimum functioning at pH 8.6; it is present throughout the body.


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  • Alkaline soil

    noun a soil that gives a pH reaction of 8.5 or above, found esp in dry areas where the soluble salts, esp of sodium, have not been leached away but have accumulated in the B horizon of the soil profile Historical Examples Do any of the nut tree species prefer an acid to an alkaline […]

  • Alkaline tide

    alkaline tide alkaline tide n. A period of urinary neutrality or alkalinity after meals.

  • Alkaline-ash diet

    alkaline-ash diet alkaline-ash diet n. A diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, and milk with little meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and cereals, that when catabolized leaves an alkaline residue to be excreted in the urine.

  • Alkalize

    to make or become alkaline. Historical Examples This is the way we always get rid of hazardous emotions: we destroy them as we alkalize acids. The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book Various verb (transitive) to make alkaline

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