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alkalinuria al·ka·li·nu·ri·a (āl’kə-lə-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-)
A condition characterized by alkalinity of the urine. Also called alkaluria.


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  • Alkalization

    to make or become alkaline. verb (transitive) to make alkaline

  • Alkalizes

    to make or become alkaline. verb (transitive) to make alkaline

  • Alkaloid

    any of a large class of organic, nitrogen-containing ring compounds of vegetable origin and sometimes synthesized, some of which are liquid but most of which are solid, that have a bitter taste, that are usually water-insoluble and alcohol-soluble, that combine with acids without the loss of a water molecule to form water-soluble hydrochlorides, hydrobromides, or […]

  • Alkalosis

    a condition of the blood and other body fluids in which the bicarbonate concentration is above normal, tending toward alkalemia. noun an abnormal increase in the alkalinity of the blood and extracellular fluids alkalosis al·ka·lo·sis (āl’kə-lō’sĭs) n. Abnormally high alkalinity of the blood and body fluids. al’ka·lot’ic (-lŏt’ĭk) adj. alkalosis (āl’kə-lō’sĭs) An imbalance in the […]

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