able to do many things; versatile:
an all-around player.
broadly applicable; not specialized:
an all-around education.
inclusive; comprehensive; complete:
an all-around failure.
Contemporary Examples

As all-around marvelous as motherhood and apple pie; pretty much everyone is theoretically in favor.
How Product Labeling Killed Some Truly Righteous Weed and Might Even Raise Your Hospital Bill Megan McArdle May 7, 2013

Many of the greatest gymnasts in the world have not won the all-around gold medal.
Olympics ‘Travesty’: Jordyn Wieber’s All-Around Gymnastics Exclusion Tricia Romano July 30, 2012

Like the list of bobsledders, though, Uhlaender grew up an all-around athlete.
Is It Really That Easy to be an Olympic Bobsledder? Kevin Fixler January 16, 2014

It was from Daniel that Doug had learned the secrets of girls and fraternities, the rubrics of being an all-around guy.
Doug Kenney: The Odd Comic Genius Behind ‘Animal House’ and National Lampoon Robert Sam Anson February 28, 2014

Stay-at-home mothers, you probably think, are more likely to be white, well-off, proper, all-around June Cleaver-ish.
Michael Tomasky on Ann Romney, an Unrepresentative Woman Michael Tomasky April 13, 2012

Historical Examples

The limitations in the all-around man are by-products which are used by destiny in the making of orators.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 7 Elbert Hubbard

Men, like motors, should be judged on their all-around performance.
The Armed Forces Officer U. S. Department of Defense

The web should be of good caribou babiche, closely woven for use upon dry snow, and indeed for all-around conditions.
Packing and Portaging Dillon Wallace

The most wholesome type of boat for all-around cruising and racing.
On Yacht Sailing Thomas Fleming Day

He was really more than I expected by Jack’s description of himan “all-around athlete.”
Through the South Seas with Jack London Martin Johnson

(prenominal) the US equivalent of all-round

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