(Canadian) (of a hot dog, hamburger, etc) served with all available garnishes

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  • All-elbows

    all-elbows jargon Said of a TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) mess-dos program, such as the N pop-up calendar and calculator utilities that circulate on BBS systems: unsociable. Used to describe a program that rudely steals the resources that it needs without considering that other TSRs may also be resident. One particularly common form of rudeness is lock-up due […]

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    adjective pertaining to a trip that is entirely paid for by an organization for as a prize for a contest Examples Win an all-expense-paid vacation to Egypt!

  • All-flying tail

    noun a type of aircraft tailplane in which the whole of the tailplane is moved for control purposes

  • All-in wrestling

    noun another name for freestyle (sense 2b)

  • All washed up

    all washed up Related Terms washed up verb phrase (Variation: in public may be added) To talk or argue about intimate matters in public [1867+; probably a translation of earlier French Il faut laver ton linge sale en famille]

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