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All on

the cry uttered by a whipper-in to signify that all the hounds are accounted for.


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    at one time in the past; formerly: I was a farmer once; a once powerful nation. a single time: We ate there just once. We go to a movie once a week. even a single time; at any time; ever: If the facts once become known, it will be just too bad. by a single […]

  • All one

    see: all the same , def. 1.

  • All one’s switches

    all one’s switches Related Terms not have all one’s switches on

  • All-or-none law

    the principle that under given conditions the response of a nerve or muscle fiber to a stimulus at any strength above the threshold is the same: the muscle or nerve responds completely or not at all. all-or-none law n. The principle that the strength by which a nerve or muscle fiber responds to a stimulus […]

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