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All over it

all over it

adverb phrase

Taking care of something quickly and efficiently: Did you contact him? I’m all over it.


Read Also:

  • All over one

    In close physical contact. For example, Whenever I visit, that dog of Jane’s is all over me. [ Early 1900s ] Also see: have it all over one

  • All over the map

    all over the map adverb phrase Very unfocused and inconsistent; confused: His answers are all over the map/ But otherwise, you were all over the ballpark

  • All over someone

    all over someone adjective phrase Very affectionate; eagerly amorous: The wife went to get some popcorn and the husband was all over me ggressively smothering or battering; assaulting: They broke through the line and were all over the quarterback

  • All over the place

    Also, all over town or the world . See under all over , def. 1.

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