All right already


enough!; hold on!; yes, now!

All right already! I will serve dinner.


Having to do with basketball: a hoop


A finger ring: the old hoop on that finger (1859+ fr underworld);
The basketball net or basket; bucket (1930s Basketball)
A basketball goal; bucket: He made six hoops last night (1940s+ Basketball)


To vomit; barf, oops: One of the guys from Emergency Services hooped into his boots over it (1980s+)

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    Also, all right by one . Agreeable to someone. For example, If you want to practice now, that’s all right with me . Although all right alone has signified acquiescence much longer (see all right , def. 5), the addition of with someone (or, sometimes, by someone ) dates from the mid-1900s.

  • All right for you

    I’m angry with you. This interjection usually accompanies a threat of revenge, as in All right for you—I won’t go out with you again. [ Early 1900s ]

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