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yes; very well; OK:
All right, I’ll go with you.
(used as an interrogative or interrogative tag) OK?; do you agree?:
We’ll deal with this problem tomorrow, all right?
satisfactorily; acceptably:
His work is coming along all right.
without fail; certainly:
You’ll hear about this, all right!
safe; sound:
Are you all right?
satisfactory; acceptable:
His performance was all right, but I’ve seen better.
Informal. reliable; good:
That fellow is all right.
(a) bit of all right, British. quite satisfactory (used as an understatement):
The way he saved that child’s life was a bit of all right.
agreeable, acceptable, or commendable:
an all-right plan.
Historical Examples

The Just and the Unjust Vaughan Kester
Hungry Hearts Anzia Yezierska
Think Col. Wm. C. Hunter
Red Fleece Will Levington Comfort
Dracula Bram Stoker
A Man in the Open Roger Pocock
Scamping Tricks and Odd Knowledge John Newman
John Ermine of the Yellowstone Frederic Remington
Kitchener’s Mob James Norman Hall
Santa F’s Partner Thomas A. Janvier

adjective (postpositive except in slang use)
adequate; satisfactory
unharmed; safe
(US, slang) all-right

acceptable: an all-right book
reliable: an all-right guy

sentence substitute
very well: used to express assent
satisfactorily; adequately: the car goes all right
without doubt: he’s a bad one, all right

Despicable; contemptible: So I told the cocksucking little pimp to get lost
Wretched; DAMNED A very general intensive use, often for euphony: Don’t give me no cocksucking grief/ Here, take your cocksucking money

Completely correct, as in You have a perfect score—your answers are all right. (It could just as well be put as “all your answers are right.”)
In proper or working order, in a satisfactory way, as in The engine is running all right now. [ Late 1800s ]
Also see: turn out all right
In good health, as in John had the flu, but he’s all right now. [ Early 1900s ]
Not injured, safe, as in It was just a minor accident and everyone is all right. [ Early 1900s ]
Very well, yes, as in Do you want to leave now?—All right, or All right, we’ll stay home. [ First half of 1800s ]
Also see: all right with you
Certainly, without a doubt, as in It’s late all right, but it will probably come today. [ Mid-1800s ]
Hurrah! Good for you, as in All right! your team has done it again! [ ; mid-1900s ]
Also, all-right. Good, satisfactory. For example, This restaurant is all right, or Harry is an all-right guy. [ ; mid-1900s ]


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