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according to what is or has been .
Contemporary Examples

In 2010, another family obtained a restraining order against Lutfi, after he allegedly cyber-stalked them and threatened them.
Was ‘Manager’ Sam Lutfi Britney Spears’s Savior, or Her Svengali? Maria Elena Fernandez October 29, 2012

They are such crybabies every day about what Obama allegedly does to try to make them look bad.
Quick SOTU Takeaway Michael Tomasky February 12, 2013

Peden allegedly shot York in the head while she was getting out of the car, checked her pulse, then shot her again.
FEAR Militia Group Faces the Music Eliza Shapiro August 29, 2012

And there she was helped by the sweetheart deals Lazarenko allegedly sent her way.
Yulia Tymoshenko: She’s No Angel Christopher Dickey February 22, 2014

The teacher Applegrad was defending, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, allegedly sexually abused his students for more than three decades.
The Brooklyn Rabbi and His Child Porn Collection Emily Shire May 21, 2014

Historical Examples

The democratic character of these elections is allegedly guaranteed by the procedure or right for nominating candidates.
Area Handbook for Albania Eugene K. Keefe

I know that some allegedly wise ones will scoff at this statement.
Woman William J. Robinson

Get a lungful of that sweet, fresh, allegedly pure Terran air!
Starman’s Quest Robert Silverberg

He allegedly warned his people to beware of a relapse into popery.
Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed. S. A. Reilly

Some of the reports that she has received concern light objects seen at night which have allegedly been followed by explosions.
Federal Bureau of Investigation FOIA Documents – Unidentified Flying Objects United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

reportedly; supposedly: payments allegedly made to a former colleague
(sentence modifier) it is alleged that
an exclamation expressing disbelief or scepticism

1828, from alleged + -ly (2).


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