to assert without proof.
to declare with positiveness; affirm; assert:
to allege a fact.
to declare before a court or elsewhere, as if under oath.
to plead in support of; offer as a reason or excuse.
Archaic. to cite or quote in confirmation.
Contemporary Examples

Now come a report from veteran New York reporter Murray Weiss alleging more frisky hotel business.
John Edwards Denies Reported Link to Soccer Mom Madame’s Service Michelle Cottle March 22, 2012

He has spent years alleging bias and insularity in the scientific community.
When Creationists Collide with Stephen Colbert Michael Schulson December 14, 2013

Indeed, CBS did sue in 2002, alleging the series was too close to Survivor.
‘Splash’ and Nine Other Odd Celebrity Reality Competitions (VIDEO) Kevin Fallon March 18, 2013

Two weeks ago, Victoria filed a police report, alleging it was burglarized from her part of the compound.
New Twists in Hopper Divorce Jacob Bernstein June 6, 2010

In the suit, Sheridan is alleging that Cherry struck her across “the head and face” on Sept 24, 2008, during a rehearsal.
Nicollette Sheridan’s Desperate Housewives Lawsuit Maria Elena Fernandez May 2, 2011

Historical Examples

They declined in a letter to the Duke of York, alleging differences on grounds of policy too deep to admit of a coalition.
The Political History of England – Vol XI George Brodrick

alleging illness as an excuse, he did not appear at recitation that day.
The Uncalled Paul Laurence Dunbar

About August 10th she petitioned for commutation, alleging that she had eight little children, deprived of both parents.
A History of the Inquisition of Spain; vol. 3 Henry Charles Lea

Jean had refused, alleging that he had much to do the night before his departure.
L’Abbe Constantin, Complete Ludovic Halevy

I took my dinner in haste, nearly choked myself, and alleging business of the last importance, flew off to the ponte storto.
The Memoirs of Count Carlo Gozzi Count Carlo Gozzi

verb (transitive; may take a clause as object)
to declare in or as if in a court of law; state without or before proof: he alleged malpractice
to put forward (an argument or plea) for or against an accusation, claim, etc
(archaic) to cite or quote, as to confirm

c.1300. It has the form of one French verb and the meaning of another. The form is Anglo-French aleger, Old French eslegier “to clear at law,” from Latin ex- “out of” (see ex-) and litigare “bring suit” (see litigate); however eslegier meant “acquit, clear of charges in a lawsuit.” It somehow acquired the meaning of French alléguer, from Latin allegare “send for, bring forth, name, produce in evidence,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + legare “to depute, send” (see legate). Related: Alleged; alleging.

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