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of or relating to :
an allergic reaction to wool.
having an .
Informal. having a strong dislike or aversion:
He’s allergic to most modern music.
Contemporary Examples

Witnesses said Kate, who is allergic to horses, looked worried but that William reassured her.
Runaway Bridle!! The Daily Beast April 28, 2011

But no matter, we are allergic and getting more allergic, hear us roar (and sniffle and whine and hack).
Blame Climate Change for Your Terrible Seasonal Allergies Kent Sepkowitz May 13, 2014

Even children not found to be allergic are forced by their parents to be aware of the proposed risk to their lives.
Sandwiches That Kill Laura Bennett April 5, 2009

And then someone might be allergic to a certain pill, so I had to carry the substitutes.
Elvis’s Doctor Speaks Gerald Posner August 13, 2009

Like a large and growing number of Americans, I am allergic to vacations, but I do enjoy a change of scenery.
Give Him His Well-Deserved Break Reihan Salam July 16, 2010

Historical Examples

We were allergic to women from their nylon hose to their face powder.
Homesick Lyn Venable

They’re allergic to the critters, the trees, the natives—to everything here.
Sugar Plum Reginald Bretnor

Lindsay had seen too much of allergic reactions since reaching Earth not to know he was looking at another.
The Ambassador Samuel Kimball Merwin

He also was allergic to nearly everything and was always sneezing at the wrong time, just when we were supposed to be quiet.
Shenanigans at Sugar Creek Paul Hutchens

Others have allergic reactions to certain foods; some allergic reactions appear to be subtle, affecting a person’s moods.
When You Don’t Know Where to Turn Steven J. Bartlett

of, relating to, having, or caused by an allergy
(informal) (postpositive) foll by to. having an aversion (to): he’s allergic to work

1911, from allergy + -ic; cf. French allergique (1906). Figurative use, “antipathetic, repulsed” is from 1936.

allergic al·ler·gic (ə-lûr’jĭk)

Of, caused, or characterized by an allergy.

Having an allergy or exhibiting an allergic reaction to a substance.


Having a strong aversion to something or somebody usually jocular: Teachers have that effect on me. Quite frankly, I am allergic to them (1935+)


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  • Allergic conjunctivitis

    allergic conjunctivitis allergic conjunctivitis n. Conjunctivitis caused by an allergic reaction to a substance. Also called atopic conjunctivitis.

  • Allergic purpura

    allergic purpura allergic purpura n. Nonthrombocytopenic purpura due to sensitization to foods, drugs, or insect bites. Also called anaphylactoid purpura. See Henoch-Schönlein purpura.

  • Allergic rhinitis

    a condition characterized by head congestion, sneezing, tearing, and swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, caused by an allergic reaction. noun (pathol) a technical name for hay fever allergic rhinitis n. Rhinitis associated with hay fever.

  • Allergic reaction

    allergic reaction allergic reaction n. A local or generalized reaction of an organism to internal or external contact with a specific allergen to which the organism has been previously sensitized. Contemporary Examples The teenage schoolgirl died from an allergic reaction to penicillin last June during the botched operation. Egypt: Stop Mutilating Little Girls! Bel Trew […]

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