the act of .
something that or palliates.
Historical Examples

Then in their not infrequent sickness there was alleviation and comfort waiting for them.
A Girl of the Klondike Victoria Cross

But such an alleviation of my anguish is forbidden to my reason.
Alice, or The Mysteries, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

If I could suffer alone, it would be an alleviation of my anguish, but I cannot.
The Sheepfold and the Common, Vol. II (of 2) Timothy East

When she had gone they were conscious of an alleviation, and of the great beauty of the evening.
Howards End E. M. Forster

The alleviation of suffering and the prolongation of human life is the duty of every noble-minded man to endeavour to promote.
The Sanitary Evolution of London Henry Lorenzo Jephson

But the defeat and death of Mansfeld brought no alleviation.
German Culture Past and Present Ernest Belfort Bax

There had been to him no alleviation, no comfort, no consolation.
He Knew He Was Right Anthony Trollope

How devoutly to be wished is the alleviation of his danger and distress!
The Works of William Cowper William Cowper

The highest charity of all is that which aims at the prevention rather than the alleviation of evil.
How to Observe Harriet Martineau

The second morning, however, brought an alleviation to the distress.
Stories of Exile Various


early 15c., from Middle French aleviacion or directly from Medieval Latin alleviationem (nominative alleviatio), noun of action from past participle stem of alleviare (see alleviate).

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