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an or lane.
a narrow passageway.
Contemporary Examples

As they began to chase him down an alleyway, Diaz ran toward the front of an apartment building.
Amid Days of Riots, Residents Wonder If Anaheim is Most Dangerous Place on Earth Maria Elena Fernandez July 25, 2012

After sneaking through a tunnel, the mark emerges in an alleyway.
‘Shadow Dancer’ Explores Post-Thatcher’s London During the Troubles Marlow Stern May 30, 2013

“This is a very typical street of the times,” Erik says, as we look at the bones of a few other past-bordellos in the alleyway.
Exploring the Darker Side of James Joyce’s Trieste Jeff Campagna January 12, 2014

Moments later, police caught up with two teens about two blocks away in a Pasadena alleyway.
Another Trayvon Martin? Young, Unarmed, Black Teenager Shot by Cops in California Christine Pelisek March 31, 2012

They want you to go down an alleyway, or off somewhere nobody can see you.
The Kensington Avenue Strangler Jeff Deeney November 17, 2010

Historical Examples

Having made the patient as comfortable as circumstances would permit, the girl left the cabin and stepped into the alleyway.
Captain Calamity Rolf Bennett

It was empty then, and its manhole was the foremost one in the alleyway.
Typhoon Joseph Conrad

Slyne hesitated in his stride, stopped, and turned back into the alleyway which led to the saloon.
The White Blackbird Hudson Douglas

On his passage back the hands in the alleyway swore at him for a fool.
Typhoon Joseph Conrad

There was only a small yard with a tiny grass plot and an alleyway running through at the back.
A Modern Cinderella Amanda M. Douglas

a narrow passage; alley


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