Historical Examples

An’ here ’tis Allhallows’ Eve again, an’ the best year of my life is past, an’ she must die in an hour an’ a half.
One-Act Plays Various

“Go in peace, and God and Allhallows keep thee,” said the hermit.
The Sundering Flood William Morris

At the corner of Seething-lane stands the church of Allhallows Barking.
Picturesque Sketches of London, Past and Present Thomas Miller

She’s goin’ to leave me, lad; ’tis Allhallows’ Eve whatever!
One-Act Plays Various

I’d better be drinkin’ when neighbors go walkin’ round the village on Allhallows’ Eve with their heads done up in white.
One-Act Plays Various

On the east side of Bread Street is the church of Allhallows.
Old and New London Walter Thornbury

It was soon after Allhallows time, when all farm servants change places in that part of the country.
Real Ghost Stories William T. Stead

And therewith he knelt before the Knight and put his hands between his hands, and swore by Allhallows to be true to him.
The Sundering Flood William Morris

No chapel was erected within its enclosure, the Guild preferring to be incorporated with the adjoining parish of Allhallows.
Holbein Beatrice Fortescue

We wish that all the City churches had their names engraved on some stone, like that of Allhallows, Bread-street.
Picturesque Sketches of London, Past and Present Thomas Miller

a less common term for All Saints’ Day
Allhallows Eve, a less common name for Halloween

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