joined by treaty, agreement, or common cause:
allied nations.
related; kindred:
allied species.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to the Allies.
to unite formally, as by treaty, league, marriage, or the like (usually followed by with or to):
Russia allied itself to France.
to associate or connect by some mutual relationship, as resemblance or friendship.
to enter into an ; join; unite.
a person, group, or nation that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose:
Canada and the United States were allies in World War II.
Biology. a plant, animal, or other organism bearing an evolutionary relationship to another, often as a member of the same family:
The squash is an ally of the watermelon.
a person who associates or cooperates with another; supporter.
Contemporary Examples

Churchill would later say Turing made the single biggest contribution to allied victory.
Charles Dance on Tywin Lannister’s S5 Return, A ‘Game of Thrones’ Movie,’ and Sexy Peter Dinklage Marlow Stern November 17, 2014

You and he were adversaries, but you were allied in a determination that the world should not be blown up.
Jackie Kennedy’s Letter to Khrushchev: My Last Nights in the White House Jacqueline Kennedy November 18, 2013

Meantime, these two allied leaders will restrict their serious pushing and shoving to how to handle Iran.
Why Obama Should Listen to Bibi Leslie H. Gelb June 13, 2009

Or is it simply the start of an incremental, conditions-based process of reducing U.S. and allied forces?
The Key Date to Watch For Michael O’Hanlon June 28, 2010

Iran, at first, joined the allied itself with the Vatican as well.
Hillary’s New Health Crusade Michelle Goldberg January 7, 2010

Historical Examples

For ourselves, men of Lacedaemon and of the allied states, our task is completed.
Hellenica Xenophon

The sacred beetle of the ancient Egyptians, allied to our familiar “tumble-bug.”
The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce

For all the anthropoids most allied to Man have long since also parted with theirs.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1893 Various

These officials told us that the allied fleet had reached Damietta the day before.
Freeland Theodor Hertzka

Though finally superior, the allied fleets experienced many unpleasant reverses on their own element.
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) Edmund Burke

joined, as by treaty, agreement, or marriage; united
of the same type or class; related
of or relating to the Allies
verb (əˈlaɪ) -lies, -lying, -lied usually foll by to or with
to unite or be united, esp formally, as by treaty, confederation, or marriage
(transitive; usually passive) to connect or be related, as through being similar or compatible
noun (ˈælaɪ; əˈlaɪ) (pl) -lies
a country, person, or group allied with another
a plant, animal, substance, etc, closely related to another in characteristics or form

c.1300, past participle adjective from ally (v.). Originally of kindred; in reference to a league or formal treaty, it is first recorded late 14c.

late 13c., “to join in marriage,” from Old French alier “combine, unite,” from a differentiated stem of aliier (from Latin alligare “bind to;” see alloy). Meaning “to form an alliance, join, associate” is late 14c. Related: allied; allying.

late 14c., “relative, kinsman,” from ally (v.); mid-15c. in the sense of “one united with another by treaty or league.”

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