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(def 3).


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  • All-night

    taking up, extending through, or occurring continually during an entire night; nightlong: an all-night vigil. open all night, as for business; providing services, accommodations, etc., at all hours of the night: an all-night restaurant. Contemporary Examples Moritz Erhardt had just worked three all-night shifts at the office, according to unconfirmed reports on social media. Tell […]

  • All-nighter

    something that lasts, is available, or is open for business throughout the night: The poker game turned into an all-nighter. Are any of the grocery stores all-nighters? an act of staying up all night, as to study or finish a task: I had to pull an all-nighter to get the paper done on time. Contemporary […]

  • Allocher

    any of the variant forms of a chereme.

  • Allodium

    land owned absolutely; land owned and not subject to any rent, service, or other tenurial right of an overlord. Historical Examples Free ownership, the allodium, even under the form of small freeholds, still existed by way of exception in many parts. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 8 Various He deprived the peasants of […]

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