the quality or state of universality or totality.
Historical Examples

This: that by knowing the unreality of disease, sin, and death, you demonstrate the allness of God.
Unity of Good Mary Baker Eddy

God’s law reaches and destroys evil by virtue of the allness of God.
No and Yes Mary Baker Eddy

Or oneness of allness: scientific works and social registers: a Goldstein who can’t get in as Goldstein, gets in as Jackson.
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort

When Josè met Carmen she was holding steadfastly to her vision––the immanence and allness of God.
Carmen Ariza Charles Francis Stocking

It’s what makes them too smug in allness—those dead things on the edge, died, distorted—trying to get through.
Plays Susan Glaspell

He loved his enemies with a love that understood the allness of God, and the consequent nothingness of the human concept.
Carmen Ariza Charles Francis Stocking

And if it’s no more—than all have known, I only say it’s worth the allness!
Plays Susan Glaspell

His difficulty was that, having proclaimed the allness of spirit, God, he had proceeded to bow the knee to evil.
Carmen Ariza Charles Francis Stocking

Bring your whole confidence, your trust, your knowledge of the allness of good, and the nothingness of evil.
Carmen Ariza Charles Francis Stocking

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