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Allogeneic graft

allogeneic graft

allogeneic graft n.
See allograft.


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  • Allogeneic homograft

    allogeneic homograft allogeneic homograft n. See allograft.

  • Allogenic

    Geology. (of a constituent of a rock) formed elsewhere than in the rock where it is found. Compare . Immunology, . adj. 1888, from Greek allogenes “of another race, stranger,” from allos “other, different” (see allo-) + -genes “born” (see -gen) + -ic. allogeneic (āl’ə-jə-nē’ĭk) also allogenic (āl’ə-jə-nē’ĭk) Being genetically different although belonging to or […]

  • Allograft

    a tissue or organ obtained from one member of a species and to a genetically dissimilar member of the same species. noun a tissue graft from a donor genetically unrelated to the recipient allograft al·lo·graft (āl’ə-grāft’) n. A graft of tissue obtained from a donor genetically different from, though of the same species as the […]

  • Allograph

    Linguistics. a variant form of a grapheme that is in complementary distribution or free variation with another form of the same grapheme, as t and T or n in run and nn in runner; an orthographic contextual variant. Compare . writing or a signature inscribed by one person for another, as distinguished from autograph. a […]

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