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(of languages, especially those of Europe and Asia) neither Indo-European nor Semitic.
(defs 3, 4).


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  • Alloplast

    alloplast alloplast al·lo·plast (āl’ə-plāst’) n. A graft of an inert metal or plastic material. An inert foreign body used for transplantation into tissues.

  • Alloplasm

    noun (biology) part of the cytoplasm that is specialized to form cilia, flagella, and similar structures

  • Alloplasty

    implantation of a synthetic material to replace a diseased or damaged body tissue or organ. alloplasty al·lo·plas·ty (āl’ə-plās’tē) n. The repair of defects by allotransplantation. A surgical operation in which a synthetic material, such as stainless steel, replaces a body part or tissue.

  • Alloploidy

    alloploidy alloploidy al·lo·ploi·dy (al- ō-ploy’dē) n. A hybrid individual or cell having two or more sets of chromosomes derived from two different species. alloploid adj.

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