the act of .
a portion or thing ; a share granted.
(in U.S. military use) the portion of pay that an officer or enlisted person authorizes to be paid directly to another person, as a dependent, or an institution, as an insurance company.
British. a plot of land rented to a gardener.
Contemporary Examples

Everyone in the program would leave with some allowance, a tax-free monthly allotment.
Send Bin Laden the Bill: Dakota Meyer on His Return From Afghanistan Dakota Meyer September 28, 2012

Historical Examples

He heaved many a sigh, as he waited for Rob to tell him that the first of his allotment was sufficiently browned to be devoured.
The Boy Scouts on Belgian Battlefields Lieut. Howard Payson

On the allotment of provinces, Sicily fell to him, with power to cross into Africa if he pleased.
Hannibal Jacob Abbott

All this William and I took in for three unbroken weeks, my usual summer allotment on the Thames.
The Parthenon By Way Of Papendrecht F. Hopkinson Smith

There is scarcely an end to the benefits of the allotment system.
The Toilers of the Field Richard Jefferies

Distribution of fire; allotment of target to platoon leaders.
Manual of Military Training James A. Moss

The abbreviation of allotment, or allowance to wife or mother.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

The thing went to allotment shorn of his peculiar magnetism.
Mushroom Town Oliver Onions

With many others who desired an allotment of the bonds, I was present.
Frenzied Finance Thomas W. Lawson

And nature has not been in a stingy mood when weighing out their allotment of brains!
Colleges in America John Marshall Barker

the act of allotting; apportionment
a portion or amount allotted
(Brit) a small piece of usually public land rented by an individual for cultivation

1570s, “action of allotting,” from Middle French allotement, from Old French aloter (see allot). Or else a native formation from allot + -ment. Meaning “portion assigned to someone or some purpose” is from 1670s.

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