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of or relating to .
alluvial soil.
Australia. gold-bearing alluvial soil.
Contemporary Examples

The ground was fertile, with alluvial, or unconsolidated, soil.
Ester Elchies, The Estate Built By Whiskey December 9, 2014

Historical Examples

There is no alluvial soil, or bottoms along the streams, or grass in the forests.
A New Guide for Emigrants to the West J. M. Peck

The city was built in the midst of an alluvial country, far removed from the hills.
Museum of Antiquity L. W. Yaggy

The soil in the bottom was a rich, alluvial deposit that gave verdure of all kinds deep rootage.
The Trail Boys on the Plains Jay Winthrop Allen

The alluvial soil of these islands is a marvel of fertility.
Holland, v. 1 (of 2) Edmondo de Amicis

Perhaps it is the nature of that alluvial plain that accounts also for so plentiful a harvest of mosquitoes.
The Fortunate Isles Mary Stuart Boyd

The town lay at the sea’s edge on a strip of alluvial coast.
Cabbages and Kings O. Henry

Near the river bank, between camp and fort, was an alluvial spot in which the shovel found no rock.
The Lady of Fort St. John Mary Hartwell Catherwood

It was an alluvial town, called Soledad, where there was no harbour or future or recourse.
Sixes and Sevens O. Henry

There is a group of valleys all round them, and alluvial beds accumulate in them.
The Argentine Republic Pierre Denis

of or relating to alluvium
another name for alluvium
(Austral & NZ) alluvium containing any heavy mineral, esp gold

1802, from Latin alluvius “alluvial” (see alluvium) + -al (1).
Plural alluviums or alluvia
Sand, silt, clay, gravel, or other matter deposited by flowing water, as in a riverbed, floodplain, delta, or alluvial fan. Alluvium is generally considered a young deposit in terms of geologic time.

alluvial adjective


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