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Sir Lawrence, 1836–1912, English painter, born in the Netherlands.
Historical Examples

They needed no scenery by Alma-Tadema to make them think themselves in Rome.
The Theory of the Theatre Clayton Hamilton

The kind of bench which Alma-Tadema usually fills with diaphanous maidens.
The Lure of the Mask Harold MacGrath

Then, Mr. Alma-Tadema, he has not turned his back on the glorious Antique.
Old Friends Andrew Lang

Mr. Alma-Tadema apparently drew the fine leaden oleander tub in his picture from these coffins, and it makes a perfect flower-pot.
Leadwork W. R. Lethaby

Alma-Tadema exhibits in the English gallery, and his contribution has raised the average of that section by a good third.
Lippincott’s Magazine, Vol. 22, November, 1878 Various

Naturally an artist playing at Alma-Tadema’s home for the first time could not help speculating as to his chances.
Violin Mastery Frederick H. Martens

Sir Lawrence. 1836–1912, Dutch-English painter of studies of Greek and Roman life


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