Almond milk

a creamy mixture of blanched almonds, sugar, and water, blended to a smooth paste and sieved.
Contemporary Examples

The surprise really came—wrong word, perhaps—with the almond milk.
New York’s Naughtiest Show (Maybe Avoid the Front Row) Tim Teeman January 17, 2014

You can choose whatever base you want, but I usually go with two cups of coconut or almond milk.
Four Fatty (But Healthy!) Power Meals to Fuel Your Day Ari Meisel March 2, 2014

Was it really just almond milk, I wanted to know afterwards?
New York’s Naughtiest Show (Maybe Avoid the Front Row) Tim Teeman January 17, 2014

Historical Examples

almond milk makes a delightful drink and can be used by many who cannot take dairy milk.
The Laurel Health Cookery Evora Bucknum Perkins

If salt, a cup of chicken broth; if sweet, almond milk is furnished with it.
Foods and Culinary Utensils of the Ancients Charles Martyn

Put this almond milk into glass bottles and place them on ice before serving.
Desserts and Salads Gesine Lemcke

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