a member of a Muslim dynasty ruling in Spain and northern Africa from 1056 to 1147.
Historical Examples

They aimed to bear me in chains to Cordova, that the almoravide might gloat over me alive, ere calling the headsman.
God Wills It! William Stearns Davis

And Hasham added, “Verily, the efreets bewitched the almoravide when he exiled such a horseman!”
God Wills It! William Stearns Davis

The almoravide rule rested very lightly on the Moslem population, but only for a short time.
A History of Spain Charles E. Chapman

He died in 1099, and at his death his territory was taken by Yussuf, the almoravide.
The Story of Seville Walter M. Gallichan

a member of a fanatical people of Berber origin and Islamic faith, who founded an empire in N Africa that spread over much of Spain in the 11th century a.d

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