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a supported by .
Archaic. a who gives .
noun (pl) -women
(archaic) a woman who gives or receives alms


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  • Almsgiving

    a person who gives alms. Historical Examples Let us take boldly the passage from St. Thomas in which he lays down the law of almsgiving. Mediaeval Socialism Bede Jarrett The principle is applied in succession to almsgiving, to Prayer, to Fasting. Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of Matthew John Monro Gibson This word represents the charity […]

  • Almsman’s

    a person supported by or receiving alms. Archaic. a person who gives alms. noun (pl) -men (archaic) a person who gives or receives alms

  • Almucantar

    a circle on the celestial sphere parallel to the horizon; the locus of all points of a given altitude. noun a circle on the celestial sphere parallel to the horizontal plane an instrument for measuring altitudes

  • Almuce

    a furred hood or hooded cape with long ends hanging down in front, formerly worn by the clergy. Historical Examples Over that again is a tippet, a development of the almuce, or worn over it. The Customs of Old England F. J. Snell He is also in ecclesiastical costume in processional vestments, without the cope […]

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