hello; greetings.
friendly; hospitable; welcoming:
The aloha spirit prevails throughout the islands.
Contemporary Examples

He spotted Nestor Gabriel Caballero Gutierrez, 39, of aloha, Oregon, limping down the road.
Behind the Gert Boyle Kidnap Attempt Winston Ross November 26, 2010

In the aloha State, Obama has endorsed and cut a radio ad for Neil Abercrombie, the incumbent governor.
Even Hawaii Hates Obama Now David Freedlander August 7, 2014

Historical Examples

We did ride the next day, and many days thereafter; and aloha proved all and more than the Kentuckian had promised.
The Fat of the Land John Williams Streeter

The orchestra had finished “aloha Oe” and was preparing to go home.
The House of Pride Jack London

And “Kilauea’s ‘aloha’ to the Lurline” it has always been to us since.
In the Track of the Trades Lewis R. Freeman

The door is always open and over its lintel is ‘aloha,’ which means ‘Welcome.’
A Yankee in the Far East George Hoyt Allen

Then one day he filled them with grief by saying: “I am going, aloha.”
Hawaiian Folk Tales Various

aloha ino oe, eia ihonei paha oe e make ai, he ai mainei Pele, Compassion great to you!
Hawaiian Folk Tales Various

I offered her money in return, but she refused it, saying she had given the things out of aloha, or love for me.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 26, October, 1880 Various

Some gave us the native salutation as we passed the soft “aloha,” which, literally translated, means “My love to you.”
Forty Thousand Miles Over Land and Water Lady (Ethel Gwendoline [Moffatt]) Vincent

noun, sentence substitute
a Hawaiian word for hello, goodbye

1798, Hawaiian aloha, Maori aroha, an expression used in greeting or valediction, literally “love, affection, pity.” Sometimes aloha ‘oe, from ‘oe “to you.”
(From the Hawaiian greeting) A system of contention resolution devised at The University of Hawaii. Packets are broadcast when ready, the sender listens to see if they collide and if so re-transmits after a random time. Slotted Aloha constrains packets to start at the beginning of a time slot. Basic Aloha is appropriate to long propagation time nets (e.g. satellite). For shorter propagation times, carrier sense protocols are possible.

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