through, on, beside, over, or parallel to the length or direction of; from one end to the other of:
to walk along a highway; to run a border along a shelf.
during; in the course of:
Somewhere along the way I lost my hat.
in conformity or accordance with:
I plan to revise the article along the lines suggested.
by the length; lengthwise; parallel to or in a line with the length or direction:
He ran along beside me.
with a progressive motion; onward:
The police ordered the line to move along.
(of time) some way on:
along toward evening.
in company; in agreement (usually followed by with):
I’ll go along with you. He planned the project along with his associates.
as a companion; with one:
She took her brother along.
from one person or place to another:
The order was passed along from the general to the captain and from the captain to a private.
at or to an advanced place or state:
Work on the new ship is quite far along.
as an accompanying item; on hand:
Bring along your umbrella.
along of, Chiefly Southern U.S. and British Dialect.

owing to; because of:
We weren’t invited, along of your rudeness.
in company with:
You come along of me to the store.

get along. (def 36).
all along, all the time; throughout:
I knew all along that it was a lie.
be along, Informal. to arrive at a place; come:
They should be along soon.
Contemporary Examples

Worms and amphipods, along with other animals, use or bury the pellets, which Havens observed after preliminary experiments.
Your Favorite Facewash Is Hurting Nemo Alexa C. Kurzius June 17, 2014

In early October, Health Republic allowed me to submit a “grievance claim” which I filed, along with a pile of backup documents.
My Insurance Company Killed Me, Despite Obamacare Malcolm MacDougall November 23, 2014

Luckily enough I have this dedicated flat that is just along from my house that I go to every day.
Belle & Sebastian Aren’t So Shy Anymore James Joiner January 6, 2015

Coca-Cola is now one of only two food and drinks retailers in the top 10 list, along with McDonald’s at number seven.
Apple Leaves Coke Flat in Global Top Brand Survey September 29, 2013

Hang on to it as you drop your guard, along with any moldering grudges.
What the Stars Hold for Your Week Starsky + Cox July 7, 2011

Historical Examples

along the lower Rio Grande it forms dense, tangled thickets.
American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson

I had hard work to get them along, and at last they would not walk.
Explorations in Australia John Forrest

And I set out to go to the burying, and Mrs. Burke along with me.
Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland, Second Series Lady Gregory

I can get along for a few hours, and then I’ll have a doctor look at it.
Brave and Bold Horatio Alger

Mother says she doesn’t see how they are going to get along without me.
Mostly Mary Mary Edward Feehan

over or for the length of, esp in a more or less horizontal plane: along the road
continuing over the length of some specified thing
in accompaniment; together with some specified person or people: he says he’d like to come along
forward: the horse trotted along at a steady pace
to a more advanced state: he got the work moving along
along with, accompanying; together with: consider the advantages along with the disadvantages

Old English andlang “entire, continuous; extended; all day long; alongside of,” from and- “opposite, against” (from Proto-Germanic *andi-, *anda-, from PIE *anti “against,” locative singular of *ant- “front, forehead;” see ante) + lang “long” (see long (adj.)). Sense extended to “through the whole length of.”

along for the ride
along in years
along the lines of
along with

also see:

all along
all along the line
be along
come along
follow along
get along
go along
play along
run along
string along

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  • Along in years

    Also, on in years. Elderly, old. For example, Grandma’s along in years now and doesn’t hear too well, or Our dog is not as frisky now that he’s getting on in years. This idiom transfers the length of along (and the “onward” of on) to the passage of time. [ Late 1800s ]

  • Alongships

    in the fore-and-aft line of a vessel.

  • Alongside

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  • Alongshore

    by or the or coast. Historical Examples Gadabout sidled to starboard, and grapnels were thrown up into the trees to hold her alongshore. Virginia: The Old Dominion Frank W. Hutchins and Cortelle Hutchins A word used rather contemptuously for alongshore; land usage. The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth And when it was over, and they […]

  • Along the lines of

    Also, on the lines of. Roughly similar or in keeping with. For example, We told the architect we want a design along the lines of his own house but smaller, or Jane asked the caterer for a menu on the lines of the Morgans’ wedding reception. This idiom uses line in the sense of “a […]

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