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Alpine currant

an ornamental shrub, Ribes alpinum, of Europe, having greenish-yellow flowers and scarlet fruit.


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  • Alpine fir

    a fir, Abies lasiocarpa, of the Rocky Mountains, yielding a soft, brittle wood used for making boxes, crates, etc. Historical Examples The principal trees of the meadow area are the alpine fir, the alpine hemlock, and the Alaska cedar. The Mountain that was ‘God’ John H. Williams Arizona Cork Fir (Abies arizonica) very closely resembles […]

  • Alpine garden

    a rock garden. Historical Examples Its neat dwarf growth, and flowering as it does when hardly a foot high, renders it a choice subject for the alpine garden. Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs A. D. Webster For the alpine garden it is particularly suitable, and though growing rather slowly thrives well in good light […]

  • Alpine house

    noun a greenhouse especially designed for alpine (high mountain) regions, designed to control temperature, moisture, and ‘photoperiod’ light levels and air flow to replicate alpine habitats accurately Usage Note science

  • Alpine ibex

    an ibex, Capra ibex, of the Alps and Apennines, having long, heavy horns with transverse ridges.

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